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(knowing and showing Euskal Herria)

Basque Country Spirit is a local project created to show - both the people who live here and to those who visit us - the spaces where culture, history, nature and the beautiful and unique Basque traditions are present. Always based on the greatest respect for both traditions and their inhabitants.

It is an informational project of a region where people have been defined as serious, kind and hardworking, values that we try to maintain with a careful mixture of humility and pride.

The Basque Country / El País Vasco / Le Pays Basque, with its evergreen landscape, combines avant-garde industrial spaces with others that make this place almost an enchanting garden, combining beaches, mountains and meadows with exquisite farmhouses that give points of color to the everlasting green.

Our logo aims to be an "embrace" to the world of Basque bonhomie and culture. The "B" represents the two largest capitals on either side of the border (Bayonne and Bilbao), to which we have added a few small strokes that want to represent both the world of Chillida and the lands of Pamplona / Navarra .

Ongi izan, ongi etorri, ondo pasa eta on egin!

(Be well, welcome, have fun and enjoy).




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