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Top Basque mountains

(work in progress)

If you are in the Basque Country and you love nature and hiking, here is a selection of the most beautiful mountains of the area. They are not necessarily the highest ones, but they are certainly the most impressive considering the location and the landscapes. 




683 m

Beautiful and lovely lansdacape

 Perfect for families with children

Technical difficulty: Trekking

Time: 1 h 56 min

Starting point: Macaye

Elevation gain: 320 m

Distance: 5,00 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip: 

Auberge Ostape €€€-€ (Bidarray)

Ithurria €€€-€ (Ainhoa)

Arrambide €€€-€ (Saint-Jean-Pied-De-Port)



1.296 m

The Basque Country in its pure state

 It is the mountain that best represents the famous Baztan Valley

Technical difficulty: Trekking

Time: 4 h 25 min

Starting point: Alto de Izpegi

Elevation gain: 737 m

Distance: 9,77 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

Izpegiko Benta €€




902 m

The world of mystery and smugglers

Circular route "Le grand boucle"

 Technical difficulty: Trekking

Time: 3 h 30 min

Starting point: Trabenia (barrio Manttu Baita)

Elevation gain: 884 m

Distance: 11,4 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

Venta Yasola €




833 m

One of the oldest mountains in the Pyrenees

 Technical difficulty: Middle mountain

Time: 3 h 20 min

Starting point: Aialde Restaurant

Elevation gain: 530 m

Distance: 7,15 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

Aialde Rest. €€ (Lesaka)



1.078 m

Relevant summit in local culture

On Sundays in September pilgrimsgo up to the peak.  It contains a special curiosity, which consists of the existence of metal rings that are found on the cross near to the summit, to which healing properties are given when passing them through any of the sick members

Technical difficulty: Trekking

Time: 3 h

Starting point: Iturrioz

Elevation gain: 495 m

Distance:  8 km

 Google maps 

Gastronomic tip:

Antonioren Borda - Zelatun €€



1.346 m

Probably the summit most climbed by the people in the environment

 It is located in the important grazing area of ​​the Aralar massif

Technical difficulty: Trekking

Time: 4 h

Starting point: Larraitz

Elevation gain: 941 m

Distance: 13 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip: 

Larraitz Gain Rest. €€ (Larraitz)

Itxurrene Rest. €€ (Lazkaomendi)



1.551 m

Its name means red rock and, although its summit is not the highest in its massif but it is the most popular

Pleasant walk through forests and meadows and a great 360-degree watchtower over its surroundings

Technical difficulty: Trekking

Time: 5 h 15 min

Starting point: Aránzazu

Elevation gain: 792 m

Distance: 16 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip: 

Goiko Benta €€€ (Aránzazu)

Urbiako Fonda €€ (Urbía)




1.331 m

beautiful and haughty mountain, emblematic place of Basque mythology

Technical difficulty: Middle mountain

Time: 5 h 46 min

Starting point: Arrazola

Elevation gain: 1.120 m

Distance: 12,45 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip: 

Makatzeta Rest. €€€ (Arrazola)

Asador Etxebarri Rest. €€€€-€ Axpe)




2.504 m

It is the sacred mountain of the Basques and has a great weight in their mythology. It was said in Lescún that the witch Yanagarri, who lived on its summit, launched tremendous storms into the valleys. It is also the first mountain that exceeds 2,500 m of the Pyrenean chain from the Ocean

Difficulty level: Middle mountain

Time: 7 h 30 min

Starting point: Piedra de San Martín (Ernaz mountain pass)

Elevation gain: 1,100 m

Distance: 17 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

Venta Juan Pito (Belagua)



2.371 m

Beautiful route through a landscape of rocky needles

Difficulty level: Middle mountain

Time: 3 h 40 min

Starting point: Lamary Bridge (Lescun)

Elevation gain: 1,200 m

Distance: 10.7 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

Tabac des Bergers Bar €€ (Lescun)



2.110 m

Spectacular views and pleasant ascent

Difficulty level: Trekking

Time: 2 h 15 min

Starting point: La Mina (Guarrinza- Selva de Oza)

Elevation gain: 880 m

Distance: 12 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

Comidas Costeros Bar (Selva de Oza)



2.173 m

Curious and singular lake at the base of the summit that turns this peak into a very visited place

Difficulty level: Middle mountain

Time: 3 h 30 min

Starting point:  Aydius

Elevation gain: 1,440 m

Distance: 15 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip: 

Auberge des Isards €€ (Aydius)



2.884 m

Mythical Pyrenean mountain that must be climbed with a good technique of rock progression. Helmet and rope are necessary. Ascend very early in the morning to avoid, as far as possible

Difficulty level: High mountain

Time: 5 h

Departure point: Pombie Refuge

Elevation gain: 900 m

Distance: 7 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

Malinche Rest. (Sallent de Gállego)



3.299 m

The most complete glacier of the Pyrenees

Ascent from Pont d'Espagne, this is the longest ascent route but also the most interesting. You can bivouac or sleep in the refuges of Gaube or Baisellance

Ice axe, rope and crampons required

Difficulty level: High mountain

Time: 2 days 15 h

Departure point: Pont d'Espagne

Elevation gain: 2,400 m

Distance: 30 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

A La Bonne Franquette (Cauterets)



3.144 m

Very interesting ascent with excellent views.

Recommended ice axe

Difficulty level: High mountain

Time: 7 h

Starting point: Col des Tentes

Elevation gain: 1,000 m

Distance: 14 km

 Google map



3.091 m

Beatiful summit of easy access in a place of singular beauty

Difficulty level: High mountain

Time: 6 h 30 min

Starting point: Lac d'Aubert

Elevation gain: 1,000 m

Distance: 8.3 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

Bar Le Balthazar (Sint-Lary-Soulan)



3.404 m

The highest summit in the Pyrenees

Helmet, ice axe, crampons and rope

Difficulty level: High mountain

Time: 9 h

Starting point: La Renclusa Refuge

Elevation gain: 1,350 m

Distance: 12,5 km

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

 La Parrilla Rest. €€ (Benasque)



2.518 m

Mythical place of mountaineering in Picos de Europa

(Exclusively for expert climbers)

Normal South Face

Difficulty level: High mountain + climbing experience up to V 

Time: 4 h to the summit, 6 h 45 min return to the refuge

Departure point: Vega de Urriellu/ Delgado Úbeda Refuge

Elevation gain: 578 m (5 length of climbing included)

 Google maps 

*Gastronomic tip:

Peña Catil Rest. €€ (Sotres)

* Difficulty levels

The 3 levels of difficulty of the Basquecountryspirit site:

The difficulty levels of Basquecountryspirit have been taken from the famous and extremely useful Guide Rando (Rando edition).


1 Trekking

You have a bit experience on mountain, but you still do not have it in orienting yourself properly:

You have the level of Trekking.

- You can do 5-hour tours with skills in the descent that allow you to reduce your descent time between 15 and 20% compared to the ascent time.

- You are in fairly good physical shape.

- You can go flat or on hills for several hours without problem.

- His knowledge of the mountain is very superficial.

- You do not know how to orient yourself effectively.

- You have the right footwear and equipment for the march.

2 Middle mountain

You have experience in mountain, you know how to use the map and the compass or other technological means of orientation (GPSs, Tracks ...):

You have the level of Middle mountain. 

-The routes that you undertake, at times, can involve more than 8 hours of walking. The descent, if it is carried out by the same route, involves 3/4 of the descent time.

- You are in good physical form.

- You have recent experience in mid-mountain.

- You are properly equipped (footwear, backpack, enough liquids, reserve energy food….)

–You know how to orient yourself and have the necessary elements, map, GPS, additional batteries ...).

- Leaving the marked paths when necessary is not a stressful situation for you.

3 High mountain

You have experience in high mountains in rocky and snow environments:

You have the level of High mountain.

- The routes of more than 6 hours with ridges and peaks are part of yours usual outings. Its descent time is approximately 30% of the ascent time.

- You know how to use the ice ax and crampons. 

- Without being adept at climbing, you are able to use your hands and enjoy his progression on rock.

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