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Although Navarre politically is not part of the Basque Country, its culture, traditions and folclore clearly persist.



This thousand-year-old valley is home to natural treasures such as beech forests, rugged ridges, canyons, prehistoric caves, monasteries and medieval bridges ... Land of smugglers, witches and pilgrims.

What to see: Zugarramurdi, a charming little village and its famous caves, home to emblematic Basque sorcery; Elizondo, capital of the Valley, with its beautiful church and mansions, built by the "Indianos", Basque emigrants left to make a fortune in the Americas, at the end of the 19th century; Urdazubi-Urdax, with its blazon masons and prehistoric caves; the Natural Park of Señorío de Bértiz; Ziga, belvedere of the entire valley.

On foot, by bike, by car ... Check the recommended itinerary to discover the valley HERE.


Tel. + 34 948 58 02 97



Capital of Navarre and home to one of the most important festivities in the world, San Fermín, during which its famous and exciting bull runs take place. Part of his fame is due to the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, who lived long periods in the Basque Country and wrote his renowned novel "The sun also rises" (1926), inspired by the fiesta of San Fermín.

What to see: the old town, the Plaza del Castillo and the citadel park

What to do: If you are lucky enough to visit the city during the fiesta (starting on July 6), do not miss it! To better organize your "sanfermin" visit, click HERE


Tel: +34 948 222 064




Seat of the Royal Court in the Middle Ages, this ancient fortress is located in the center of Navarre, 42 km distance from Pamplona. 

What to see & do: visit the Castle, stroll through the alleys of the fortress, get lost in the medieval galleries, discover the churches and the fabulous Roman walls.


Tel. + 34 948 70 08 52




Classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, this amazing semi-desert area surprises visitors. Erosion has drawn curious shapes, a source of inspiration for painters and writers. In contrast to the green landscapes that characterizes the Basque Country as a whole, here we are transported in a lunar environment! Escape 100% guaranteed!

To better organize your visit, click HERE.


Tel. + 34 948 82 20 28